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Lowrey GX1 Review by Lloyd Parsons  ----------------   VIEW

The Majesty vs the Stardust - A story of sound. -----  VIEW

SONG SETUPS and what can or cannot be saved within the Lowrey SU series organs based on the functioning of A SU500  Royale.  Author: Paul Jirak            VIEW

01/28/2009 -- Non-Lowrey branded USB memory sticks
ALERT! Aftermarket (non-Lowrey branded) USB memory storage devices may contain files that can cause harm to Lowrey musical instrument electronic components. Do not insert non-Lowrey branded USB devices in Lowrey instruments unless the device has first been reformatted in a PC, thus removing all files completely.  If you have any questions on the USB Memory stick, please call or email your Lowrey RSM immediately.

Frank West 708.352.3388 x 229    frankw@lowrey.com

Organ Differences In The Lowrey Evolutions

A review by Anthony..  ----------------------     VIEW 

Lowrey's Bil Curry - How to Save It In A Preset

for the LX Series Organs  --------------------   VIEW

Lowrey's Bil Curry - Playing Cords from One Position from 2000  ----------------------------   VIEW

Volume Settings On The Elite Series Organs

By Paul Jirak  -----------------------------------   VIEW

A5000 The Prestige

Pre-Release Information (Michael Douglas)      VIEW

Display Current Software Version (Carl Short)  VIEW

Electronic Organ Reference List List of Organ and Model number Alphabetical Allen to Z

10/10/2011 At the request of the Author, this list has been removed, but should return with an updated version in the near future.  Thank You....

SU500 The Royale

Voice and Sound Effects List    View

Super Set 13 Additional Category Presets VIEW

Stardust SU530

Song Set Up List Owner's Guide Update VIEW

Genius Voice List (Added 11/17/2007)  VIEW

Super Set 13 Additional Category Presets VIEW

The Performer SU430D

Rhythm Style Table (Added 12/30/2007)   VIEW

Palladium SU630

Rhythm Style Table (Added 11/15/2007)  VIEW

LX510/LX510D  Majesty - Majesty Deluxe

Registration Work Sheet (Creating PreSets)  VIEW

Rhythm Style Table Reference   VIEW

What Songs To Use   VIEW

Keyboard Contact Cleaning  (Updated 1/21/2008)  VIEW

Something New: Upgrade your 1.4 Disk drive

with a USB Thumb Drive for your SU Model.

Information Here..  

The MX-1  D600

Service Check List   VIEW

CPU/ROM Adapter Kit   VIEW

CPU/ROM Upgrade Kit   VIEW

Power Supply Modification Kit - This Kit is designed to eliminate intermittent failure of 5 amp power fuse and +24V regulator.   VIEW

Registrations As Played by Jack Cookerly on the MX1 Stereo Demo Record    VIEW

Bil Curry - Using a PC To Copy Organ Disks  VIEW

Bil Curry - Midi and Lowrey Use  VIEW

Midi Use in Plain English (MidiTzer)  VIEW

Using The Lowrey Styles - By Bil Curry  VIEW

Most Used MCS Chord Chart from  Music and Fun

with Bil Curry  VIEW